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JDH Talent Consultancy provides tailored recruitment, coaching and mentoring services for ambitious professionals and organisations in the recruitment industry. We work with candidates who are seeking an honest appraisal of their career prospects, and clients who are committed to achieving accelerated growth through increased employee productivity and effective leadership teams.


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  • “JDH Talent Consultancy delivered a highly insightful coaching session to our 360 consultants which provided useful tips about how to improve sales performance. Jon’s experience meant that he was able to accurately assess the strengths/weaknesses of each person resulting in the implementation of a tailored personal plan of action. Jon’s relaxed style put everyone at ease meaning that he quickly developed a genuine rapport with everyone, leading to highly productive sessions based on mutual trust and openness.

    “As well as retaining Jon’s coaching services into our next sales year, he will also set up a leadership programme for myself, including further discussions about our Strategy for Growth. I have no hesitation in recommending JDH’s coaching services to any organisation who is serious about improving their staff’s productivity. I look forward to continuing to work together.”


    CMR Paul Carter, Managing Director
  • "It was both educational and a pleasure to spend some time with Jon. I know personally speaking that I always feel prepared and raring to go with a renewed sense of confidence and focus after our meetings."

    OWOA Tom Loxley, Commercial Director and Veteran
  • "I can honestly state that Jon had a huge part to play in my early development as a professional within the IT recruitment industry. Jon has a great ability to find solutions to many business issues and with his high EI, he has an uncanny knack of bringing out the best in his team. Jon's new Talent Consultancy Company will bridge the gap between classroom theory and practical experience in that there's no one better to coach the recruitment superstars of tomorrow."

    VENTULA CONSULTING Andrew Shaw, Director
  • "I’ve enjoyed the sessions so far and feel like they definitely add value for me moving forward. Thank you for the ideas and recommendations – I’m going to focus on each area and implement this into my daily plan so hopefully by December I’ll be seeing the benefit of this!"

    JAMIE IRVINE - CMR Jamie Irvine, Recruitment Consultant
  • “During my recent career, I have contacted quite a few sales recruitment agencies, but without doubt, one organisation has stood out a country mile above the rest. Although Jon Hitchenor knew me from his days at Rullion, he still took the time to truly find out what I wanted for my next career move and he then presented a number of options. Having identified my ideal role at Equal Experts, Jon was superb at hand holding me through the process which included a meeting with the CEO ensuring that I gave myself the best possible chance of an offer. Equally, I was quite anxious about handing in my resignation but once again, due to his 35 years of industry expertise, he was able to give me some sound advice. Since I started 8 weeks ago, Jon has already met with me to ensure that everything is meeting my expectations so for any future candidate, I can thoroughly recommend the services of JDH Talent Consultancy. As Jon is genuinely interested in your development as an individual, Jon will make you aware of all of the benefits and negatives of a career move so sometimes, he may strongly recommend that you actually stay where you are. Jon has been a big influence on my career and I’m eternally grateful for his guidance’’ 


    Anna di Castro Anna di Castro